Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Google sells all phones Nexus 4 during one hour in Britain!

Google today began selling its new line of Nexus devices in Australia and a number of European countries, to begin to sell in the United States itself over the next few hours.

It was reported that 8 GB version of the device has been fully sold during the quarter of an hour only! After one hour the 16 GB version sold fully.

Also led Britons rush to Google Play store to request the device to increase the pressure on the store significantly, which led to the very slow to appear, and some of the problems and failures in the procurement process for some others.

In addition Google sold all copies of the computer tablet Nexus 10 with a capacity of 32 GB, and all copies of Nexus 7 3G. Where it appears to users in Britain a message stating that the devices "coming soon" Coming Soon.

Observers believe that this is the most successful launch of Nexus devices Google doing compared previous time

Sunday, November 11, 2012

WP Pipeline

Welcome in my WP Pipeline Review Blog By Tony Marriott and Ben Shaffer , is WP Pipeline scam or The Real Ideal ? is WP Pipeline Works & Can Help You To Make a Good income Online? Discover the Full Truth in My Honest WP Pipeline Review Site When The System Goes Live.

WP Pipeline Review

Product Name: WP Pipeline
Product Creator: Tony Marriott & Ben Shaffer
Official Website:
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Imagine that you wake up day and your WordPress sites have been hacked or are all down. Now imagine that you have no recent backups or equally as bad, you have backups but you need to apply them to multiple sites, argh, you’ve lost a large amount of time and most likely income !

If you use WordPress in any part of your business then you need to check this out. What I’m about to tell you will save you time, guarantee you business security and give you full control over your online presence. Listen.

The basic facts are that when using WordPress in your business you ARE vulnerable. Period. Unless your sites are properly secured then it is genuinely only a matter a time before your income gets affected by hackers, or basically, definite plugins cease working on your site and bring it to rest...

Most marketers have over one WordPress site. Most marketers earning a respectable income have lots of more. Try 50 or 100 WordPress sites. Now imagine trying to fix all 100 hacked sites or upgrade any plugins across all those installations! How long do you think that would take? Hours and hours wasted that you could be spending actually earning funds in lieu!

Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve found something that will save you time, be sure your business security and give you full control of all of your web-site updates, security and backups without delay! It’s called WP Pipeline. And in the event you use WordPress in your business then it will be the most important plugin you ever use.

You could try to do everything it does by hand but the issue with that approach is it will take weeks of your time! You see WP Pipeline provides your business with:

- Full security and protection against hackers!
- Funds and time saved by keeping all of your blogs current and updated by clicking button!
- Details and information on all of your sites so you can spot any income losing errors right away!
And far, much more...
This is hands down THE most useful WordPress plugin I have used and you can also now start 
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saving funds and time with it today!

Google geographical terrain details appear on maps

Google today revealed, unveiled a range of visual improvements maps service, where they delivered more correct details to show geographical terrain on earth.

It is noted that it's become simple to identify areas of land on the green Google Maps thanks to new gradient technique adopted by Google in those improvements, in addition to the fact that the Earth's natural formations become bear names appear on the maps.

It ought to be noted that these visual enhancements will appear by default when using the Google Maps service, which means that the user does not must search within the settings in order to activate the new feature.
wp pipeline

The application engineer says, Karl Johan Schmidt, those details and improved visual knowledge that Google has added a mapping service makes it simpler for the user to locate sizable forests, deserts and mountain ranges around the globe.

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WP Syndicator - Obtaining the Most From It

A quick tip for feasible users of this program: take the time to properly set up & configure the way you would like the syndication completed. This application is available, so that the setup & installation method ought to be simple. Setting up accounts for all of the bookmarking sites WP syndicator taps might be a bit time-intensive, but the ease with which you can syndicate your articles after that ought to be well worth the time you put in to it.

As they know, WordPress syndicator or WP syndicator is a WordPress plugin most Web marketers use to quickly syndicate articles through a bunch of web.0 platforms to help in raising their campaign's search engine results rankings. The plugin has caught plenty of attention as it is effective, when it comes to setting up desirable backlinks to generate more traffic. But how can get the maximum out of WP syndicator?

Another thing must be aware of is that the plugin is not meant for autoblogging although it is kind of effective in that areabut also allows for strategic syndication. There is a checkbox option to "auto-syndicate," but may must tailor the syndication method towards a more carefully targeted traffic.

The plugin allows for exactly that. You get to send & syndicate your content to particular sites, so you may need to uncheck the other social bookmarking sites in the WP syndicator list in case you suspect including them would not yield conversions for that particular content / weblog you are sending out.

The plugin lets you specify anchor texts for your content, & you can use this to your advantage. You get control of what to put in there, on what keywords & keyword searches you need your content to come up, etc, so get artsy!

Although the general rule is to give your content a wider reach & include all platforms you can think about, you might still require to check for crucial factor importance. Will the platform you are syndicating to be effective in terms of getting you carefully targeted traffic? as significantly, is your content relevant?

The author of WP syndicator Andy Fletcher occasionally updates the program, so be positive to keep your version current. As of today, the extension has had or updates to get it more effective in doing the syndication jobs for you, & clearly; you do not require to miss any of the enhancements. The net selling business is all about getting things done at the appropriate time & keeping abreast with what is taking place, is the single way you can do that.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

4 WordPress Security Tips

I discovered that of my older domains which I use anymore but still receives trickles of traffic every so often & with it a handful of affiliate sales per month had been hacked. All of the files had been deleted, & what was worse was that when I inquired in to the site I found that I hadn't backed up the database in some time. Therefore I urge everyone to celebrate & recognize today as WordPress Safety Day with me by following these WordPress security tips.


I hadn't backed up that site which got hacked in well over a year. This is inexcusable thinking about there is plenty of free plugins which enable you to schedule backups. I could not even discover a recent backup from my hosting provider whom I set the database up with, either.

I recommend that you install a backup plugin such as WP-DB-Backup. It is a free plugin and of my best WordPress plugins for 2012 which while it's not been updated in awhile it gets the job done in that you can select the exact files which you need to back up and either generate backups on demand or you can schedule them to be emailed to you time every hour, day, week, etc. so that you know that everytime you have any issues (security or technical) together together with your site you'll have that backup.

You may even backup your site through your hosting/database provider and it is a lovely suggestion because backing up your database means backing up all of your posts, pages, plugins, and preferences. I recommend that you go ahead and backup all of your sites now.

I do know it can be annoying to get bugged by WordPress to update to the latest version every week or so, but WordPress updates are paramount to the security of your site. Hackers are always looking for ways to compromise WordPress' security & discover a way to get in to your site for their own amusement or gains, which is why it is essential that you stay up to date with WordPress' updates as they generate these updates in part to fix compromising errors & holes in their security which could be exploited.
wp pipeline review


You ought to limit the permissions for your various files & folders which make up your site as much as feasible while still being able to operate & function properly. You can alter the permissions to read, write (which means read & write), & execute (which refers to read, write, delete, alter) your files & folders in relation to you, a group, or everyone. The less permissions you can permit, the more secure your site will be, but positive plugins which need access to positive files won't be able to unless they have permission.
wp pipeline review


Finally, keep in mind to adjust your passwords every so often. It is a pleasant habit to get in to writing down your passwords for your login, database, etc. & updating them every month or so if feasible. & you have probably heard this thousands of times from someone you keep passwords with, but avoid simple to crack identity related passwords. A pleasant password is comprised of numbers, letters (upper case & lower), & symbols.

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The Socrates WP Theme Review

With respect to ease of use, the theme is downloaded to your computer & installed from the WordPress dashboard. From the dashboard you can navigate fundamentally to the various sections of the theme to personalize your net site. Headers & backgrounds can be changed with a few clicks. There is multiple headers to select from depending on which niche you are promoting. Sidebars are simple to change, whether you require, or none.

wp pipeline review

The Socrates WP Theme is a premium WordPress theme developed by Joel Comm & Dan Nickerson. They introduced it in April 2010 with a later update in June 2010. Designed by web marketers, for web marketers, Joel & Dan know what they require & what is necessary in a theme. Functionality, ease of use & speed are all factors they thought about in this developing theme, as well as marketability. It is a developing theme because they are open to implementing suggestions from the users to make it even better.

Designed with affiliate marketers in mind, The Socrates WP Theme integrates AdSense & ClickBank allowing for a speedy set up with relative ease. As with most features you have the choice of using them or not. There is custom navigation bars & a social slider. You can personalize your own sales & squeeze pages as well.

wp pipeline review

There is forum support for the theme, besides instruction for using WordPress, in case you require it. With 15 years of experience in web promotion, Joel & Dan have the knowledge to help the beginner & experienced similar.

Whether you are setting up net site or lots of, for yourself alone or for others, the developers of the Socrates WP Theme have taken you in to consideration. I recommend you explore all the different elements of the theme, & watch their video to see the way it can save you both money & time & help you effectively promote your business.

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